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Rowan North

Rowan North is an occultist and an employee of the Mercado Hotel in the 2016 film Ghostbusters as the main antagonist, portrayed by Neil Casey.

In the film, numbers of diplomas on his wall indicate that he is a scientist, having earned a Bachelors and a Doctorate in Physics from Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, respectively, making him a foil personality to Erin Gilbert, Abby Yates, and Jillian Holtzmann, and because of him being insane, and thus a mad scientist.

Miserable with his life and blamed everyone for him being scorned and mocked on (mainly because of his obvious psychiatric disorder), Rowan is obsessed with becoming a god, attempting to unleash the ghost army in New York City by putting devices across half of the State of New York connected to main machine in the Mercado Hotel in Times Square, as a former site of paranormal history of violence, along with Ley lines within the New York City's area to activate the portal and create the vortex between the mortal and ghostly dimensions. Rowan also used the book called "Ghost From Our Past", written by Gilbert and Yates as foundation for his plans, developing his technology based on their research.

When the Ghostbusters discovered his plans, he planned to turned it on, but as the police arrived, he committed suicide. However, as the Ghostbusters later discovered, he had planned all along to commit suicide, so he could become a godlike ghost (Class 7 manifestation). Rowan possessed Abby briefly, then Kevin Beckman as host to get to the Mercado hotel and activate the portal machine, resulting in the unleashing of the ghosts in New York. When the Ghostbusters arrived, Rowan discarded the host and transformed into the Ghostbusters logo, a demonic gigantic version of the cartoon ghost. When the girls destroyed the vortex, he was pulled into the Ghost World, but caught Abby, trying to kill her. Erin entered the dimension and saved her, while Rowan was banished in that dimension, ending his invasion.