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Rowan LaFontaine is the main protagonist in Jason X, played by Lexa Doig.

LaFontaine is the project leader of a group running experiments on Jason Voorhees, she leads several unsuccessful attempts to execute him, and is ultimately forced to cryogenically freeze Jason when he escapes confinement and kills the team meant to transport him to another facility. However, before the process is complete, Jason breaches the containment with his machete and stabs Rowan in the abdomen, critically wounding her just as cryonics fluid spills into the room and freezes her along with him.

Unfrozen in the year 2455 aboard the spacecraft The Grendel, she is then forced to fight for her life when Jason awakens and starts killing everyone on the ship. At the conclusion of the film, she, a student named Tsunaron and the gynoid Kay-Em 14 he created are the only survivors of Jason's attack, picked up by a rescue vessel while Jason is sent hurtling through the atmosphere of Earth II when the Grendel explodes.