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Ronald Noland, played by Laurence Fishburne, is a character in the film Predators.

Noland is a stranded U.S. Air Cavalry Soldier dropped on the planet several years, possibly decades ago. Unlike most other prey, he has managed to keep himself alive by staying in hiding most of the time, and hunting and scavenging whatever he can when possible.

During his time on the planet, Noland has become quite a hunter himself, using scavenged Predator technology as his weaponry. The long time in solitude has however driven him somewhat insane; he behaves oddly and has developed an invisible friend he has conversations with. After making contact with the recent arriving humans, he takes them to his hiding place and explains to them what they are dealing with and why they are on the planet.

Later on, after an unsuccessful attempt to murder the group by lighting a fire to asphyxiate them (in order to scavenge their items), he encounters the Tracker Predator while fleeing his hideout and attempts to fight it with an axe, only to be blasted into pieces and a cloud of blood by Tracker's plasma-caster.