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Ronald Jones, played by LL Cool J, is a character in the film Halloween H20: 20 Years Later.

Ronald is the gate guard at Hillcrest Academy. Ronald gets into trouble when he allowed John Tate to leave the school grounds in order to go to town. When John's mother, Laurie Strode, going by the name Keri Tate, catches John wandering around town, she angrily confronts Ronald. She tells him if it ever happens again, he would be fired.

On Halloween night, Ronnie is talking with his wife on the phone, trying to recite lines from a romantic novel he's attempting to write. He watches in the monitor as a car pulls up to the gate. He goes out to investigate and Michael Myers slips through the gate behind him. When Ronnie returns to his booth Myers cuts the phone cord.

Ronnie meets with Kari to form a plan of action. She tells him to get the phones back up and she'll round up the students that stayed behind on the school trip. When roaming the hallways Ronnie is shot by Will Brennan who thought Ronnie was Michael Myers after only seeing his shadow.

Ronnie survives the shot, coming to later in the night just as Keri is about to behead Michael Myers. He stops her, assuring her he's dead. He calls his wife back and lets her know he's going to write a romantic thriller.