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Robin Brown is a character in Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning, played by Juliette Cummins.

She is one of three girls at the Pinehurst Youth Development Center when Tommy Jarvis is sent there in order to attempt to acclimate to society. She has a demure demeanor and an upbeat personality, and is close friends with fellow patient Violet Moraine. She does not spend much time socializing with the others, but has a genuine concern for other people.

While watching A Place in the Sun with Reggie and Jake Patterson, Jake attempts to confess his feelings toward her, which makes her laugh suddenly and Jake storms off upset having his feelings hurt.

Later, she puts a blanket on Reggie, who had fallen asleep and goes upstairs to bed. She regrets hurting Jake's feelings and turns over to go to sleep, only to discover Jake's body lying next to her. She screams and tries to get up, but a hand grabs her by the throat while a machete is stabbed through her bed and into her back. Her body, along with Violet's and Jake's are discovered by Reggie a short time later.