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Ricks, played by Jussie Smollett, is a character in the film Alien: Covenant.

Ricks is a navigator serving aboard the Covenant and Upworth's husband. While the excursion team departs down to the Engineer homeworld, Ricks stays in the cockpit of the Covenant alongside Tennessee and Upworth.

As Tennessee brings the ship within eighty kilometers of the ionic storm, Ricks protests with his wife. When Tennessee looks to come within forty kilometers, Ricks once again protests with Upworth, but relents when she agrees to utilize the command override to reduce altitude.

After the survivors from the excursion are rescued, Ricks and Upworth have sex in the shower. Midway through, a stowaway Alien prods Upworth with its tail and impales Ricks through the back of his head, killing him before moving on to Upworth.