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Resident Evil: Revelations is a 2012 survival horror video game developed and published by Capcom originally for the Nintendo 3DS handheld game console. Set shortly after the events of Resident Evil 4, the game follows counter-terrorism agents Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield as they try to uncover the truth behind a bioterrorist organization that plans to infect the Earth's oceans with a virus. The game features a single-player mode where the player must complete a series of episodes that involve solving puzzles and defeating enemies, and a multiplayer mode where players may fight their way through altered single-player scenarios.

Revelations emphasizes survival, evasion, and exploration over fast-paced combat by providing the player with limited ammunition, health, and movement speed. It was designed to bring back the content and horror of the Resident Evil roots, while at the same time trying to modernize the gameplay. Revelations was also the first game to support the Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro outside Japan. The game was a moderate commercial success and received generally positive reviews from critics, who praised its spooky setting, sound direction, and presentation. Criticism was targeted at its inconsistent gameplay between episodes. The game received three nominations at the Golden Joystick Awards, including Ultimate Game of the Year, and was nominated for Handheld Game of the Year at the D.I.C.E. Awards.

A high-definition (HD) version was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Wii U, and Xbox 360 in 2013, and for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in 2017. This version does not support the 3D capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS but features enhanced graphics and additional content, including a new difficulty setting. Across all platforms, the HD version sold more than two million copies worldwide, but was criticized for its dated graphics and uneven controls. A sequel, Resident Evil: Revelations 2, was released in 2015.


Shortly after the events of Resident Evil 4 in 2004, the bioterrorist organization Il Veltro launches an attack upon the Mediterranean city of Terragrigia, using biological organic weapons (BOWs), in opposition to the city's development of solar energy relay system that provides it with power via an orbital satellite. The Federal Bioterrorism Commission (FBC) attempts to maintain control over the city as it is plunged into chaos, but the overwhelming attack prompts FBC director Morgan Lansdale to use the satellite to torch the city in intense solar energy. FBC agents Parker Luciani and Jessica Sherawat oversee the evacuation of the FBC's base and escape before Terragrigia is destroyed by solar rays. A year later, Parker and Jessica join the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA).

After BSAA agent Jill Valentine and Parker investigate a possible resurgence of BOWs near the ruins of Terragrigia, BSAA head Clive R. O'Brian reports that their colleagues Chris Redfield and Jessica went missing while investigating rumors of Veltro's possible reappearance. The pair are sent to investigate their last known position, which is found to be an abandoned cruise ship called the Queen Zenobia. Searching the ship, the pair are tricked into believing Chris is being held in a room, realizing too late that it was a trap. Meanwhile, Chris and Jessica confirm that Veltro is operating at an airstrip in the mountains. O'Brian then orders the pair to track down Jill and Parker after discovering that he had given them false intel regarding their colleagues, and sends two other BSAA agents, Quint Cetcham and Keith Lumley, to investigate the airstrip.

After awakening in separate rooms, Jill and Parker reunite and encounter FBC agent Raymond Vester, who refuses to explain his presence on the ship. The pair also witness a video from Veltro, who reveal their plan to infect one-fifth of the Earth's oceans with the T-Abyss—a new strain of T-virus—in retaliation to the destruction of their forces in Terragrigia by the FBC. Chris and Jessica eventually reach the Zenobia and reunite with Jill and Parker. They are confronted by Raymond, but Jessica shoots him before the group separates, with Jill and Chris working together to find the laboratory used to manufacture the T-Abyss aboard the ship. In the laboratory, the pair neutralize the virus and are confronted by Lansdale via a video uplink, revealing that he worked with Veltro in the Terragrigia panic to increase the FBC's funding and international influence. Meanwhile, Parker turns his gun on Jessica after he secretly learned from Raymond that she is a mole for the FBC, prompting her to trigger the ship's self-destruct sequence and escape.

Although Jill and Chris manage to escape the ship before its destruction, Parker falls off a catwalk. O'Brian reveals that he had orchestrated the events they had been through to uncover evidence of Lansdale's involvement in the attack on Terragrigia. Data recovered by Keith and Quint reveals that Lansdale sank a sister ship within the ruins of Terragrigia to eliminate any incriminating evidence. Lansdale arrests O'Brian, while Jill and Chris go to the sister ship, where they find Veltro's leader Jack Norman and learn he had survived the solar ray blast by injecting himself with T-Abyss, but had grown delusional since then. The pair defeat Norman and find video evidence of Lansdale's involvement, which they broadcast. As a result, O'Brian is released and the FBC is dissolved. Parker is found a month later in Malta, after Raymond was found to have faked his death and saved him from the ship's destruction. In a post-credits scene, Raymond gives Jessica a sample of the T-Abyss at a cafe. Asked why he saved Parker, he replies that he "had his reasons".