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Reggie Winter is a character in Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning, played by Shavar Ross.

Reggie lives with his grandfather George at Pinehurst Youth Development Center, the youngest member of Pinehurst at 14, he often acts childish and immature. Upon meeting Tommy Jarvis he pranks him with a rubber spider, Tommy responds by scaring Reggie with a mask.

Later in the day Pam Roberts (Melanie Kinnaman) drives Reggie to see his brother Demon, Tommy tags along reluctantly but runs off after beating up Junior Hubbard (Ron Sloan). Pam drops Reggie off at Pinehurst to go and search for Tommy.

Reggie falls asleep but wakes up when a storm breaks, he goes upstairs and discovers Robin Brown, Jake Patterson and Violet Moraine's corpses in Tommy's room. Pam returns and Reggie tells her to go into Tommy's room. Pam screams and grabs Reggie and they flee through the woods. Pam is attacked by Roy Burns (masquerading as Jason Voorhees), suddenly Reggie comes out of the barn driving a tractor and sends the killer flying, injuring him. Reggie and Pam run into the barn pursued by Roy, as Roy prepares to kill Reggie, Tommy appears. Tommy is attacked as he thinks he is hallucinating. Reggie leaps on Roy as he prepares to kill Pam but Roy grabs Reggie too, Tommy slices Roy's hand with a machete and Roy falls to his death onto a harrow below as Tommy, Pam and Reggie look down at Roy's body.