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Pysho House is a horror novel written by Robert Bloch. It is the third and final novel in the "Psycho Trilogy". Like the previous "Psycho" novel, Psycho II, it has no relation to the film series. Psycho House was originally published in 1990.


The new Bates Motel is a tourist attraction, a re-creation of the infamous murder site, and the developers are already counting their profits. But there's a new exhibit that nobody expected: the bloody corpse of a teenage girl crumpled in the front hall, stabbed to death. Among the avalanche of press and publicity is reporter and true-crime book writer Amelia Haines, who is studying the original Psycho killings. To her, the new murders are a golden opportunity; if she can become part of the investigation, perhaps track down the killer herself, then her fame and fortune will be assured. But catching the madman won't be easy: the town is full of suspects, and Amy's best informants keep turning up murdered. If she isn't careful, Amelia Haines may become the next permanent guest at the Bates Motel.