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Dallas Jasonx

Private Dallas, played by Todd Farmer, is a character in the film Jason X.

Dallas is one of many military personnel assigned as security on The Grendel, a ship carrying students on a field trip to Earth. After the students and Professor Braithwaite Lowe find Jason Voorhees frozen on Earth, Dallas brings him onboard to the examination room to be dissected.

Later Dallas blows off some steam by playing a virtual video game with Azrael Benrubi. When the game seemingly malfunctions, Azrael is attacked by Jason. Azrael takes off his VR equipment and sees Jason strangling Azrael. He orders Jason to release him and opens fire. Jason throws Azrael to the side and comes for Dallas.

As Jason approaches, Dallas takes aim but cannot shoot because Azrael jumped on Jason's back. Dallas tells him to run but before he can let go, Jason lifts him up and breaks his back over his knee. Jason then grabs Dallas and kills him by ramming his head against the wall.