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Principal Arthur Himbry

Principal Arthur Himbry, played by Henry Winkler, is a character in the 1996 film Scream.

Principal Himbry is the principal of Woodsboro High School, attended by Sidney Prescott and her friends. He angrily stands up for Sidney when a couple pranksters dress as Ghostface terrorize her in the school bathroom. While in his office, he is attacked by the real Ghostface and stabbed repeatedly before dying.

Scream producer Bob Weinstein had Himbry's death added to the movie after he realized that the film had "30 pages of script" without a death occurring. By chance, this gave writer Kevin Williamson a reason for the teenagers to leave Stu Macher's party during the film's finale, a plot point Williamson had been struggling to formulate. The language used by Himbry and his aggressive actions towards the students were among several reasons why the film's production was forced to leave Santa Rosa High School: the school board found the film's content unacceptable and did not want it filmed there.