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Pinhead (puppet master).jpg
Name: Pinhead
Gender: Male

Pinhead is 1'7" and weighs 2 lbs. Before he became a puppet, Pinhead was a man named Herman Strauss. Strauss was a truck driver who secretly brought food to the Jewish ghettos; as a result, he was killed by the Nazis for treason. His retro version was the soul of a beggar André Toulon knew. The Retro version was the first puppet Toulon (with the help of Afzel) brought to life (Retro Puppet Master).

Pinhead was used for evil under puppet masters Neil Gallagher, André Toulon (Puppet Master II), and Dr. Magrew, all whom he turned against in the end. Pinhead's only power is his two big hands, which can deliver quite a punch. He is unnaturally strong, able to move or drag a full grown human body with ease. Pinhead got his name from the fact that his head is tinier that the rest of his body.