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Pinehurst Youth Development Center

The Pinehurst Youth Development Center was a halfway house featured in Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning.

It was run by Dr. Matthew Letter, who was aided by Pam Roberts. The cook was George Winter.

Not long after troubled Tommy Jarvis shows up, the police escort residents Eddie Kelso and Tina McCarthy back to the halfway house. Both of whom are often in trouble for sneaking away onto neighbor Ethel Hubbard's property to have sex.

Resident Joey Burns, a simple-minded man who lives there after spending years in foster care, annoys Victor Faden enough for Victor to murder him with an ax. After the paramedics arrive, one of them, Roy Burns, immediately recognizes Joey as his long-lost son.

Afterwards Roy, under the guise of Jason Voorhees, murders most of the residents and staff of Pinehurst.