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Phoebe Crenshaw, played by Ashley Bank, is a charcter from the film The Monster Squad.

Phoebe is the daughter of Detective Del Crenshaw and Emily Crenshaw and the sister of Sean Crenshaw. Sean is the defacto leader of the Monster Squad, a club of friends who are specialized in their interest and knowledge of monsters. She wants to be a part of the group, but Sean won't let her.

When the rest of the squad members are away, Frankenstein's Monster shows up and she befriends him. When they return, she assures them he is friendly and she and the Monster are allowed in the group.

During the final confrontation between Count Dracula and the Monster Squad, Scary German Guy assists Phoebe in reading from Abraham Van Helsing's journal, opening a rift to purgatory that pulls all the remaining monsters into it.