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Paula Mott is a character in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, played by Kerry Noonan.

Paula arrives at Forest Green to help her friends Megan Garris, Sissy Baker and Cort Andrews run a summer camp for young children. Paula is the most sensible counselor at the camp and prepares with Sissy for their arrival.

Later Paula is trying to sleep as Sissy is killed, Paula dismisses it as a her friends joking around. She is awoken by one of the little girls at the summer camp called Nancy Perry who claims she saw a "scary man", Paula comforts the little girl and takes her back to bed. Paula returns to the cabin and is spooked at the door blowing open, she sighs in relief as she realizes it is the wind and goes to shut the door just as Jason Voorhees bursts into the cabin, Paula screams and is thrown through a window head first then pulled back in by Jason and killed.

Sheriff Mike Garris and later, Megan, discover Paula's cabin completely covered in her blood but her body is never seen again.