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Paul Holt is a character in Friday the 13th Part II and is portrayed by John Furey.

Paul is the head of a group of hopeful camp counselors operating close to the original "Camp Blood" on Crystal Lake. Confident and sure, he defies several warnings that he is too close to where the killings happen. Having to balance a professional and personal relationship with his girlfriend Ginny Field, he proves to be a capable leader. When several of the counselors leave for one last night on the town, Ginny suggests putting Jason in real terms, but Paul dismisses it on the idea that Jason is just an urban legend. He is proven wrong when he and Ginny return to the camp, and they find Jason lying in the dark, wait for them. After a brief struggle with Jason, Paul is left for dead as Jason chases Ginny around the camp and into the woods. Paul eventually catches up to them as Jason is about to kill her, but is overpowered and wrestled to the ground. He is nearly killed before Ginny slices Jason's shoulder with a machete, killing him. Paul then carries a weakened and shocked Ginny back to the camp, and goes to defend her when they think someone is at the cabin door, opening it to find Terry's dog Muffin on the other side. Ginny goes to call for Muffin and an unmasked Jason suddenly bursts through the window behind her.

By the time Ginny awakens, Paul has vanished and she gets no response as she calls for him while being placed in an ambulance. Paul's fate is ultimately left ambiguous, though it is strongly implied in the following film that the scene where Jason attacked Ginny unmasked was a hallucination.