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Patty Tolan

Patricia "Patty" Tolan is portrayed by Leslie Jones in the 2016 film Ghostbusters. She works for the New York MTA as a subway booth attendant, and is the only member of Abby Yates's team who does not have an advanced degree. She is however, a big fan of non-fiction and is a municipal historian with intense knowledge of New York's history. After contacting them to report a ghost sighting in one of the tunnels, she joins the team and borrows a hearse from her uncle's funeral home that is eventually converted into Ecto-1, a vehicle for personnel and equipment transport.

She shares traits with Winston Zeddemore (revealed later in IDW Comics's series Ghostbusters 101 that her uncle is a parallel universe counterpart of him) as both believe in the supernatural without being scientists, and also both are African American.