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Paranormal Activity 4 is a 2012 American found footage supernatural horror film, directed by Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost and written by Christopher Landon from a story by Eliza Nunnelee. The film features Katie Featherston, who starred in the first film, and had cameos in the other two. The film was released in theaters and IMAX on October 17, 2012, in the United Kingdom and was released on October 19, 2012, in the United States, by Paramount Pictures. It is the fourth installment in the Paranormal Activity series, and a sequel to Paranormal Activity 2, set several years later.


On October 9, 2006, Kristi Rey and her husband Daniel are killed by her demon-possessed sister Katie, who then abducts Kristi's one-year-old son, Hunter. The police are still unable to find Katie and Hunter in November 2011, when Alex Nelson is living in a wealthy suburb of Henderson, Nevada with her father Doug, mother Holly, and little brother Wyatt. Alex records footage with a laptop webcam before Alex and her boyfriend Ben set up cameras all over the house after many strange occurrences, which escalate into several cars parked outside a neighbor's house, and objects such as chandeliers, kitchen knives, the family car, and garage doors becoming sentient.

The neighbor has a son, Robbie, who stays at the Nelsons' home while his mother is hospitalized. Wyatt tells Alex about Robbie's imaginary friend Toby, and Alex finds Robbie in a closet saying "He doesn't like you watching us". Wyatt also tells Alex and Ben about meeting "him", revealing a green symbol on his back identical to an ancient Hittite symbol, one that would prepare a victim for demonic possession. They learn that the possession ritual requires a virgin blood sacrifice. It is then revealed than Robbie's mother is actually Katie. Wyatt is told by her that he and Robbie were adopted and that his other family needs him back. He argues with an unseen, unheard presence about his real name, declaring, "I'm not Hunter!". As the month progresses, there are even more odd activities, such as Wyatt going in a trance and levitating Alex. One night, a possessed Katie sneaks into the house and tells Wyatt she'll wait until he is "ready". Alex tries to show her parents the footage, but it has been mysteriously erased.

The next night, while Doug and Alex are at a dinner, two deaths occur at the home. Holly is violently thrown against the ceiling, and Ben, visiting the home to inform Alex about the symbol's relation to a coven, has his neck twisted by Katie. Alex and Doug arrive home and Doug goes next door, believing he saw Holly and Wyatt. Alex finds Ben's body and is suddenly knocked down by a force. She flees to Katie's home and finds Doug being dragged out of sight. She searches for him when she hears Wyatt's voice, before a demonic Katie runs towards her. Alex escapes from Katie by jumping through a window into the yard, where she finds Wyatt and dozens of women walking towards her. Katie lunges at her, the camera falls to the ground and the footage is cut off.