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Pam Roberts is a character in Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning, played by Melanie Kinnaman.

As the assistant director of the Pinehurst Youth Development Center, she is compassionate towards the residents. She attempts to make Tommy Jarvis feel comfortable after he arrives from a mental hospital.

She is forced to protect herself and 13-year-old resident named Reggie Winter, whose brother and grandpa were murdered, from machete-wielding killer Roy Burns. The film ends with the implication that Pam is killed by mentally unstable Tommy Jarvis, though her fate is never revealed in the series.

Pam is mentioned in the novelization of Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, which states that she survived Tommy's attack on her, having fought him off and calmed him down. Afterwards, when Tommy is placed back in a mental institution, she decided to help him recover his mental state.

Melanie Kinnaman was to reprise her role as Pam in the sixth Friday the 13th and died in the original script, but was cut when it was decided that the film would not be a direct sequel to Friday the 13th: A New Beginning.