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Otis Driftwood, played by Bill Moseley is the most depraved and violent member of the Firefly family. He is a sadist who makes the freaks for Captain Spaulding's museum from the victims that he kills. On two occasions in both films, he wore his victims skin as a costume and often fights with Spaulding for control of the family. Although Otis is albino and clean shaven in the first film, Rob Zombie didn't think it would fit the style and realism of the sequel, which also saw Otis coming across as less manic and more calculating than he did earlier. In the second film Otis sports a beard, giving him more of a rugged and feral appearance. One feature in both films is Otis' taste for sexual violence: the implication that he is a rapist and necrophiliac with female victims of the first movie is confirmed in the sequel, where he also sexually assaults one of his hostages with a gun.

Although the family member whose actions are the most monstrous, Otis is not a biological member of the Firefly family at all. Gloria "Mama" Firefly adopted him, but not legally. In the song "Pussy Liquor", the lyrics suggest that Otis' biological father's name is Tim. He is named after the Groucho Marx character in the film A Night at the Opera. He and Baby have a combative relationship and spend much of the sequel screaming at each other during the family's road trip of murder and fleeing from Sheriff Wydell.

After narrowly escaping death at the hands of Sheriff Wydell, Otis was thought to have been killed, along with "Baby" and Capt. Spaulding in a shootout on a deserted highway. A roadblock was set for their capture, and they were shot and taken into custody by Sheriff's deputies. Rather than surrender, the surviving Firefly clan drove speeding towards the roadblock with their guns blazing in one final act of defiance.