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Once Upon a Halloween is a novel by Richard Laymon first published in 2000.


It's Halloween night. The old Witherspoon house stands all alone in the dark, the last house on a dead-end street. Its only neighbors are thick woods and a moonlit graveyard. Not long ago, a grisly murder/suicide took place in the house. Now, it is said to be haunted.

Haunted but no longer abandoned. Three years ago, Laura and Shannon moved in. They're young, pretty, friendly . . . and, best of all, generous with candy on Halloween. Tonight, they're getting ready for a costume party. Shannon is upstairs getting dressed and Laura is downstairs handing out candy to trick-or-treaters.

It's a perfect Halloween night until Laura opens the door and finds herself facing a lone teenaged boy . . . a terrified boy who says: "Let me in! They're gonna get me!"

And, for Laura and Shannon, the party begins.

It's Halloween night and there are ghosts and goblins in the streets. And something much worse in the graveyard.