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Northern Gothic is a novella written by Nick Mamatas. It was first published in 2001.


July, 1863: William Patten learns exactly what his life is worth. $300 is the amount needed to legally avoid the draft into the meat grinder of the Civil War. Drawn into New York's Civil War Draft Riots – the bloodiest in our nation's history – something snaps in William, and he prowls the cobblestones of Chelsea, looking only to kill, and drown his pain and fear in blood.

July, 1998: Ahmadi Jenkins is new to New York City. He's making friends, trying to get laid, and working shitty temp jobs, until the inexplicable begins to happen. Voices, fires, uncontrollable rage, as the ghosts of the past return. New York isn't just a city, it is history written in stone and steel, and history is about to catch up with Ahmadi Jenkins.


  • Bram Stoker Award Nomination for Superior Achievement in Long Fiction