Norman Bates

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  • Holly: Stabbed mutiple times
  • Woman: Strangled with rope wire, drowned by car
  • Sam Bates: Hit over the head with a blender.
  • Blaire Watson: Cut her throat.
  • Jimmy Brennen: Pushed down a flight of stairs.
  • Bradley Martin: Head bashed repeatedly on a rock.
  • Audrey Ellis: Strangulation.
  • Norma Bates's Lover: Poisoned
  • Norma Bates: Carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Jim Blackwell: Stabbed multiple times.
  • Sam Loomis: Stabbed repeatedly.
  • Alex Romero: Shot repeatedly
  • Dr. Gregg EdwardsIt is implied that Norman could have killed Dr. Edwards due to the fact that he is missing and presumed dead.
  • Unidentified Girl #1: Murdered
  • Unidentified Girl #2: Murdered
  • Marion Crane: Stabbed mutiple times
  • Detective Milton Arbogast: Face slashed and Stabbed multiple times
  • Emma Spool: Bludgeoned with shovel
  • Red: Stabbed mutiple times
  • Patsy Boyle: Throat slit/stomach stabbed with knife
  • Duane Duke: Drowned by car
  • Maureen Coyle: Falling down stairs, impaled to head with statue arrow and bow
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