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My Hairiest Adventure
My Hairiest Adventure.jpg
Author R. L. Stine
Publication date 1994
Publication Order
Preceded by
Attack of the Mutant
Followed by
A Night in Terror Tower

It keeps growing... and growing...

My Hairiest Adventure is a novella written by R. L. Stine and was published in 1994. It was the twenty-sixth in the Goosebumps series.


He's having a really, really bad hair day... Larry Boyd just found the coolest thing in the trash. It's an old bottle of INSTA-TAN.

"Rub on a dark suntan in minute" - that's what the label says. So Larry and his friends do. But nothing much happens.

Until Larry notices the hair. Dark spiky hair growing on his hands and face. Really gross shiny hair. Hair that keeps growing back even after he shaves it off...