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Mummy: The Resurrection is a role-playing game released by White Wolf Game Studios on March 19, 2001, where the players assume the role of resurrected mummies living in the modern world. Mummy: The Resurrection introduces the Amenti, a new style of mummy instead of those presented in earlier World of Darkness products.


In 1999, a catastrophic storm (the Sixth Maelstrom, a major event in White Wolf's metaplot) shook the Underworld and - among other things - woke Osiris from his long slumber. Osiris took a glimpse at the Earth and realised that the world was a very dark place, very much in need of his help. Osiris decided to issue an announcement to his worshipers on Earth, in which he assured them that they were not forsaken, and then he granted them a new spell - the Spell of Life - to resurrect the chosen ones who would do battle in his name. Taking the formal name of Amenti, in honor of the lost city of the dead, they were created, armed with Hekau magic to do battle against the servants of Apophis, the game's main antagonist.