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Mr. Sullivan, played by Peter Haskell, is a character in the film Child's Play 2 and briefly in Child's Play 3.

Child's Play 2[]

Mr. Sullivan is the CEO of the Play Pals toy company, which manufactured Good Guy dolls. He is profit driven and wants to erase the bad publicity caused by the events of Child's Play.

He rebuilds the destroyed Chucky doll to prove there is nothing wrong with it. He and his assistant Mattson watch the process but are horrified after a machine jams, electrocuting the worker and jamming doll eyes into his skull. He immediately orders for the accident to be covered up and sends Chucky with Mattson out of the building.

Child's Play 3[]

After eight years, Play Pals is still doing well. Sullivan decides to bring back the Good Guy Dolls again. During the process, the old Chucky doll is melted down and added to the plastics for the new line of dolls. Sullivan is given the first one off the line, named Chucky.

While in his apartment, Chucky assaults Sullivan with a golf club. Sullivan runs but Chucky throws a dart and hits Sullivan in the back, paralyzing his legs. Chucky then uses a yo-yo string to strangle Sullivan to death.