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Monday's Child is a novel written by Patricia Wallace. It was first published in 1989.


Jill Baker was such a pretty little girl, with long, honey-blond hair and haunting gray-green eyes. Just one look at her angelic features could dispel all the nasty rumors that had been spreading around town. Like the crazy old country doctor's story about Jill's mother vanishing right in front of his eyes just seconds after giving birth. Or eight-year-old Katy's ridiculous statement that cousin Jill could cry emerald-green tears.

Of course, there were all those terrible accidents that had begun to plague the community. The neighborhood boy who fell out of the oak tree...The nurse who stepped in front of a barreling school bus...The teenage soda jerk who stuck his hand in a whirring mixmaster...But the fact that each victim had previously angered little Jill had to be merely coincidence. After all, such a beautiful child couldn't possibly be capable of hideous, unnatural evil...