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Lieutenant Michael R. "Mike" Harrigan, played by Danny Glover, is a character in the film Predator 2. He is also the main protagonist in the novelization written by Simon Hawke.

Harrigan is an LAPD officer and the protagonist of the second movie, who while dealing with rival Jamaican and Colombian drug cartels, discovers that the Predator is killing members of both factions, as well as police officers. He is very stubborn, and often is conflicted by superior officers for he "never obeys orders", but his record for busting criminals keeps him on the force.

Seeking vengeance for the death of his friend, Danny Archuleta, Harrigan ultimately defeats the Predator inside its ship using its own smart disc. He is then confronted by a group of other Predators, however, after seeing that their clan-mate was killed by Harrigan in a fair fight, the Predators allow him to leave, with their leader giving him an antique pistol from the 18th century as a marker of respect. Harrigan then barely escapes the tunnel where the ship is located as it lifts off, leaving the area burnt.

Harrigan appears again in the short story Drug War from the short story collection Predator: If It Bleeds. By 2022, Harrigan has retired and now serves as an advisor on gang violence for urban police forces across the world. in Rio de Janeiro, Harrigan is caught up in a rogue Predator's hunt, similar to the one he had been involved with. Harrigan and the local police injure the Predator, which is then taken by a group of other Predators to receive punishment for an unknown crime.