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The following stories were published by MicroHorror throughout January 2008.


January 1

January 2

January 6

  • 3 Steps to a Better You by Robert Gannon
  • Dentophobia by Sara Sakana

January 9

  • Governor by Jason Dennis

January 10

  • The Doll's House by Oonah V Joslin
  • Back to the Beginning by Heather Kuehl
  • The Price of Utopia by Heather Kuehl

January 15

  • The Thing He Feared by James Jeffrey Paul

January 17

  • Sharp Things by Stephen Woodward
  • Breakfast in Bed by Rick McQuiston
  • Friends and Family by Rick McQuiston
  • Hot Blood by TJ Oneal Antley II

January 18

  • Jack the Ripper by Kristine Ong Muslim
  • A Man, Screaming by Kristine Ong Muslim

January 20

January 24

  • Mask by Jenette Lebel
  • Summer's End by Jenette Lebel
  • Injection by Jenette Lebel

January 28

  • I Am Old by David Nordahl

January 29

  • The Fly Paper by John Perkins

January 30

  • Just a Few Miles From Galway by Sylvia Spruck Wrigley