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The following is a list of stories published by MicroHorror throughout January 2007.

January 1

  • How to Get to the Marreros' House by Sean Ryan
  • Collection by Jo Skead
  • The Stranger by Jason Dennis
  • The Right Number by Rod Drake
  • How Cheryl Was Killed by Sean Ryan
  • I'd Be a Kickass Castaway by Sean Ryan
  • The Gambler's Prayer by Sean Ryan

January 3

  • The Nurse by Alexandra Erin
  • The Devil's Decathlon by Sean Ryan
  • Mean Streak by Sean Ryan

January 5

  • Cubical Dwellers by Alexandra Erin
  • Prophase by Sean Ryan
  • The Cloud Man by Sean Ryan
  • The Quedlinburg Cuckoo Clock by Sean Ryan

January 11

  • Hallucination by Elizabeth Bishop
  • Coming Clean by Alex DiVincenzo

January 15

  • The Tree by Jason Dennis
  • 001 by Peter Raber

January 17

  • The Quickest Way Down by Charles Christian
  • Pupil Worm by F. Tyler
  • Hear the Blood Scream by Christopher Allan Death

January 23

  • Teeth by F. Tyler
  • Speed Trap by Sean Ryan
  • Creature Feature by Kirsten Anderson
  • Space Junk by Sean Ryan
  • Transmutation by Christopher Allan Death
  • Here There Be... by Alexandra Erin
  • Uddevalla Mystery Spot by Sean Ryan
  • Snakebit Srinivasan by Sean Ryan
  • Life and Death of an Addict by F. Tyler
  • Dragon Slayer by Jo Skead
  • Infectivity by Brian N. Hare

January 24

  • I Can't Die by Jason Dennis
  • Unexpected Results by Sean Ryan