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Megan Garris is a character in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, played by Jennifer Cooke.

Megan is a counselor working at the rebuilt and renamed Camp Forest Green, she is also the daughter of the local sheriff. Megan finds herself drawn to Tommy Jarvis, who claims to have brought local killer Jason Voorhees back from the dead while trying to cremate his body.

Rebelling against her father's wishes and more than slightly motivated by the fact that she knows Tommy did not commit the murders as he was with her at the time one was being committed, she releases Tommy from jail and helps him track down Jason.

When Jason arrives at Camp Forest Green and enters the children's cabin, Megan lures him out before he can hurt the children, Tommy subsequently calling Jason over to a boat on the lake. Although he manages to tie weights to Jason's feet, Tommy nearly drowns in the process, but Megan is able to get him back to land and stop Jason by cutting his neck and face with a speedboat motor, subsequently performing CPR on Tommy and saving his life.