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Mean Green Mystery Machine

Mean Green Mystery Machine is a children's book written by James Gelsey and illustrated by Duendes del Sur. It was first published in 2004.


SCOOBY-DOO is an 'Ameri-canine' icon, the most beloved cartoon pooch of all time. Scooby is in the midst of a huge popularity boom, with new TV episodes and a sequel to the hit movie due in summer 04.

Based on episodes from the hit new Kids WB! TV show, "What's New, Scooby-Doo," this new line of junior chapter books is designed for first and second-graders who are just learning to read. The books are 48 pages long, with minimal, simple text and lots of illustrations.

Zoinks! The Mystery Machine is acting very strange. It's chasing Scooby and gang all around Coolsville. Like, why is the Mystery Machine being so mean? The kids must crack the case before the Mystery Machine drives them up a wall!