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Max Lawrence, played by Edward Hermann, is a character in the film The Lost Boys.

Max is a bachelor who runs the video store on the boardwalk of Santa Carla, California. When Lucy Emerson gets a job in the store, the two hit it off.

Meanwhile her sons become embroiled in a vampire nightmare. Michael Emerson was tricked into becoming a vampire and his brother, Sam, seek out Edgar and Alan Frog, self-called vampire experts who work at the comic book store. They determine that they would run a vampire test on Max to determine whether or not he was actually a vampire. The test failed because they accidentally invited him into the house.

When they slay the motorcycle vampire gang, and it's leader David, they assume Michael is cured. Unfortunately he's not. And it's revealed that Max truly is the head vampire. He threatens to kill their mother if they don't join him in becoming a vampire family. Just then Grandpa arrives and crashes his truck, causing a sharpened tree branch to shatter the window and impale Max who explodes in the fireplace.