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  • Judy Sanders:While Judy investigates the empty cage, Max brutally mauls her to death. She was later reported missing by her husband.
  • EMAX Security Guard:Max Pushed down the stairs and Killed by Max
  • Mugger:Max chased and brutally mauled him to death to get Lori's purse back. His body was later found by the police behind a dumpster.
  • Boo the Cat:Rudy and Chet decided to let Max off his leash chasing Boo, not knowing about Max's violent rage, they watch in horror as he climbed up the tree and swallowed him in one gulp.
  • Heidi the Collie Dog:Due to Max's destabilization of the drug wearing off, Max, unable to control his sex hormones, sneaks into the house, and sexually rapes and impregnates her. In the end, she becomes a mother with 5 puppies.
  • Mailman:In a fit a rage for pepper spraying him, Max lunges at him, he climbs over fence but Max manages to bit his foot, he manages to get his entire body over the fence but Max jumps over it and brutally bits his throat, Max then buries his body under Lori's house. His body was later found by Detective Kovacs.
  • Ed The Parrot:Max ate him for insulting him.
  • Ray:For hitting Max over the head with a shovel, Max brutally attacked him but he got his face burned with a blow torch, in a attempted to get his gun Max recovers and bites his groin off, he presumably bleed to death for having his crotch bitten off.
  • Perry:Having fed up with his attempts to get rid of him, Max lunges through the mirror door and crashes him into a wardrobe, unconscious, Max drags him out and urinates acid on his face, burning it. He is later taken to the hospital, its unknown if he later died or got plastic surgery.
  • Detective Frankie Kovacs:When Detective Frankie finds the body of the mailman, Max brutally attacks him and bites his throat.
  • Detective Emilio Bendetti:Lori found Detective Emilio in his car with his throat torn. It's presumably Max killed him before he killed Detective Frankie.
  • Dr. Jarret:Max protects her by taking the shot to the chest right after he pushed him through a window, landing on a cage with a live wire on it, Spike finishes him by igniting the wire, killing him instantly by electrocution.