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Mattson, played by Greg Germann, is a character in the film Child's Play 2

Mattson is an executive who works at Play Pals, Inc. He updated the company's CEO Mr. Sullivan about the negative publicity surrounding the company regarding "Chucky" spurred by Andy Barclay's claim that his Good Guy doll was possessed by the soul of serial killer Charles Lee Ray. He informed Sullivan that Andy is in the foster care system and that his mother Karen Barclay who supported her son's claim is being held in a psychiatric institution. He also revealed that the police did not back up Andy and Karen's claims.

Mattson then tells Sullivan that a detailed report on the doll in question has been completed and that the company found nothing wrong with the doll. As Mattson handed over the report to Sullivan, he tells him that the company still has the doll in question and allowed him to enter a room so that he could see the doll. While Mattson and Sullivan watch a toy manufacturer complete the restoration process they witness him hit the jammed machine with his hand which results in his electrocution. Before Sullivan leaves, he tells Mattson to cover up the toy manufacturers death and leaves the doll in Mattson's care.

Later that night after work Mattson tosses Chucky into the back seat of his car. He then uses his car phone to call his girlfriend, Gabrielle, who inadvertently reminds Mattson to purchase some vodka. While Mattson is in the liquor store, Chucky looks through Andy's files and calls the orphanage claiming to be Andy's uncle in an effort to gain information about Andy's current residence. When Mattson returns to his car, Chucky threatens him with a water pistol. Initially Mattson did not know that it was Chucky and that the gun was a fake. He makes Mattson drive past the Simpson residence and then instructs him to park his car in a vacant parking lot.

Once Mattson parks the car, Chucky commands him to put his arms behind the seat and Mattson complies. Chucky ties his arms up with a jump rope. After much pleading and begging to be left alone, Chucky shoots him and water streams down Mattson's face. Mattson eventually looks in the rear view mirror and realizes that it has been Chucky all along. But before Mattson can react, Chucky places a Play Pals Toy Company plastic bag with a Good Guys logo over Mattson's head and suffocates him. It is never revealed who discovers Mattson's dead body and what kind of consequences if any it had on the Play Pals Toy Company.