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Marty Rantzen

Marty Rantzen, played by Simon Scuddamore, is a character in the 1986 film Slaughter High.

Marty is a naive teenager, thinking popular Carol Manning was seducing him in the women's locker room. However, it turns out to be an elaborate April Fools joke. The popular group of kids follow up with another cruel April Fools joke, and mix up the chemicals in Marty's science experiment. The prank goes wrong and causes him to be horribly disfigured.

Ten years go by and the popular kids, who are now adults, are invited to a high school reunion; however, they are the only ones who show up for it. Come to find out it was a ploy to lure them back to the same high school where they destroyed Marty's life. As they are killed one by one, they deduce that Marty is the killer.

After all the people are murdered, Rantzen is indeed revealed to be the killer.