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Mark Gray, played by Joe Seely, is a character in the film A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child.

Mark is a friend of Alice Johnson. Obsessed with comic books, he is a talented comic-book artist, knowledgeable about mythology and in love with Greta Gibson. Although Mark does not believe Alice's story about Freddy Krueger at first, he begins to take her seriously after Freddy kills Greta. He is later attacked by Freddy, but is saved by Alice and awakens before Freddy can kill him.

Alice asks Mark to research Freddy and Amanda Krueger's lives and deaths and, with his understanding of Christian theology, he speculates about what really happened to Amanda. Mark later watches over Alice while she looks for Amanda in her dreams. He falls asleep without realizing it, which allows Freddy to attack him again. In his comic-book world Mark takes the form of the Phantom Prowler, his superhero creation; Freddy attacks him as Super-Freddy, turning him into paper and slicing him to pieces.