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Marion Chambers, played by Nancy Stephens, is a character featured throughout the Halloween film franchise.

Chambers makes her first appearance in Halloween as she drives Dr. Sam Loomis to Smith's Grove Sanitarium. As they approach the main gate at the sanitarium, Dr. Loomis steps out of the car in an attempt to see why the gate is left unmanned. It is during that time that Michael Myers attacks and tries to kill Marion, but is unsuccessful as she runs out into the rain.

She also appears in Halloween II, where she escorts Dr. Loomis to a Marshal's car and tells him that Laurie Strode is the younger sister of Michael and Judith Myers. They turn around and head to the hospital. As Dr. Loomis finds Laurie and shoots Michael, he tells Marion to get the police while he and the Marshal try to help Laurie. After Michael kills the Marshal and there is an explosion, Marion escorts Laurie to an ambulance.

Her final appearance in the initial series was in Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (alternate sequel to first two films), where it is revealed she took care of Dr. Loomis until he died. She dies in the opening of the film after having her throat slit by Michael.