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Marge Thompson, played by Ronee Blakley, is a character in the 1984 film A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Marge Thompson is the mother of Nancy Thompson and Donald Thompson's ex-wife. An alcoholic and a heavy smoker, she struggles with Nancy's growing instability from sleep deprivation and nightmares and depends on alcohol and cigarettes to help her cope. Pressured by Nancy, Marge reveals that Freddy Krueger was a child murderer who was freed on a legal technicality. She and Donald participated in Krueger's murder with other parents who lived on their street, including Glen's, Tina's and Rod's. Marge shows Nancy Krueger's glove (which is hidden in their boiler) in an attempt to convince her daughter that he is dead and cannot hurt her. However, Marge is still afraid that Krueger is somehow still alive and seeking revenge; she installs locks on the doors and bars on the windows to keep Nancy in and Krueger out. When Nancy pulls Freddy into the real world in her dream, he finds and kills Marge by suffocating her and burning her to death with his fiery body.

After Nancy defeats him, she finds her mother alive and well and runs off to join her friends. Marge waves to her and Freddy's arm bursts through the window, pulling Marge in to an unseen fate. In A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, Nancy says that her mother died in her sleep.