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Marcia Barton, played by Leigh Snowden, is a character in the film The Creature Walks Among Us.

Marcia was the wife of Dr. William Barton. To escape her boring, unhappy marriage, she insists on taking part on hunts and goes on adventures. While sailing from California to the Everglades of Florida to search for the Gill-Man, she gets the attention of Jed Grant. Though she was in an unhappy marriage, she had no interest in Jed, yet he persisted. Dr. Barton's jealousy grew, thinking she was being unfaithful.

During a dive to search for the Gill-Man, she swam too deep and became overwhelmed by the pressure. She attempted to remove her diving equipment, only to be rescued by both Dr. Barton and Jed.

Upon finding the Gill-Man, he was injured, prompting Dr. Barton to surgically correct him to where his dormant lungs were now active. Afterward, Dr. Barton became more and more unstable. He murdered Jed for continually hitting on Marcia and was subsequently killed by the Gill-Man.

Marcia moved away after the incident.