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Maggie and the Monster is a children's book written by Elizabeth Winthrop and illustrated by Tomie dePaola. It was first published in 1987.


Every night a monster comes into Maggie’s room. The monster crashes into the furniture with her big hairy feet, knocks books off the shelf, and sits in the chair and grumbles to herself. Maggie doesn’t know what to do until her mother suggests that maybe the monster is looking for something. So Maggie asks the monster, and it turns out she’s looking for her mother. Together, they carry on the search until the monster finds her mother—and Maggie finally gets a good night’s sleep!

With a lighthearted spirit and a clever mystery element, Maggie and the Monster is a wonderful collaboration between two award-winning talents. Readers will be thrilled to see this charming bedtime tale back in print.