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Margaret "Maggie" Burroughs (born Katherine Krueger), portrayed by Lisa Zane, counsels troubled teenagers. For some time, she has had recurring nightmares of a water tower and a little girl with an unknown man and woman. Maggie meets John Doe, and is surprised to learn that he dreams about the same place and the same little girl. When she finds a newspaper clipping about Springwood, she brings him there to help him regain his memory. In Springwood, it is learned that Freddy Krueger has a child; although John assumes that it is himself, Freddy tells him (before killing him) that his child was a girl. Putting this and the dreams of a little girl together, Maggie searches her home and finds an adoption certificate which reveals she is Freddy's daughter; the dreams are repressed memories.

When she was a child, a number of children disappear from her neighborhood and are later found dead. Her mother, Loretta, finds Freddy's hidden room with his blade gloves and other evidence of the killings before Freddy kills her in front of Katherine. The police find the murderer; Freddy is arrested, and Katherine is placed in the Springwood orphanage. The young, traumatized Katherine "forgets" her life with her parents. Renamed Maggie, she is offered for adoption and moved to another town; her records are sealed to hide her identity.

When Maggie regains her early memories and learns about what Freddy has done, it becomes clear that he intends to kill her too. She stops her father by pulling him into the real world from her dream, disarming him with weapons and stabbing him in the abdomen with his glove. Maggie then shoves a pipe bomb into his chest; it explodes, killing him and releasing the Dream Demons.

She is the main protagonist in the unfinished storyline, A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Beginning - Dark Genesis, an epilogue of Freddy's Dead and a prequel of the film series. Maggie begins having nightmares after Freddy's supposed death in which she is Freddy, seeing his life from his perspective and becoming fearful that Freddy might return by subverting her from within. Although the storyline was not finished (Innovation Publishing went bankrupt), two of the storyline's four issues were published.

In Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash: The Nightmare Warriors, Maggie and Dr. Neil Gordon found a support group with for the surviving victims of Freddy and Jason Voorhees. When the U.S. government resurrects Freddy to learn how to use the Necronomicon, she reveals herself as Freddy's daughter and joins him with a pair of bladed gloves. Maggie is killed by a falling tank driven by Ash Williams, angering Freddy.