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Maddy Paulson is a character in Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood, played by Diana Barrows.

Maddy is first seen at the house where the party is taking place for Michael Rogers. She is a quiet, shy type who appears to share a close friendship with Robin Peterson and, like Robin, has an attraction for David Peabody. She is also one of the few people to show any kindness to Tina Shepard during her brief visit. Later in the evening, after asking Robin about the way David looked at her, Maddy is offended when Robin tells her to "get real" and that "you're not his type." Maddy storms off, disappearing upstairs.

When we next see her, she has given herself a makeover, wearing makeup with her hair styled and dressed more provocatively. She ventures out of the house in search of David, but ends up finding the body of Russell Bowen, which tumbles out of the tree which he was tied up into. Jason Voorhees appears and chases Maddy into a small out building. She hides, and it appears that she may have given him the slip. Suddenly, Jason's arm comes bursting through the wall directly behind her, grabbing her, followed by his other hand, which is wielding a sickle, which he swings into her neck, killing her. Her body is shown later along with Kate's, Sandra's and Russell's.