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Madame Rontru, played by Marie Windsor, is a character in the film Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy.

Madame Rontru is a businesswoman who, when she learns of the medallion of Klaris, she wants to obtain it. The medallion leads to the treasure of Princess Ara. She offers Bud Abbott and Lou Costello $100 but Abbot refuses, thinking it's worth at least $5,000.

When a series of events lead to Costello accidentally eating the medallion, Rontru takes him to a fluoroscope to read the inscriptions. She cannot read the hieroglyphics so Semu takes the opportunity to pose as an archeologist and leads them to the tomb.

Semu's followers revive the mummy Klaris. He is eventually stopped by exploding the dynamite Rontru had in order to access the treasure. Not only does the explosion destroy Klaris, but it reveals the treasure as well. Rontru, Semu, and Semu's men, presumably are arrested.