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Madame Lefarge

Madame Lefarge is a character in the episode Drool, the Dog-Faced Goblin in the television series The Real Ghostbusters.

Madame Lefarge runs the Madame Lefarge's Wondrous and Amazing Traveling Sideshow. Her main attraction is a goblin named Drool. When bad things start to happen in the town hosting the sideshow, the Ghostbusters investigate and assume Drool is the source of the problems.

Lefarge pushes back against the Ghostbusters in defense of Drool. As it turns out the real culprit is a shape-changing creature known as Metamorph. Drool eventually bites onto Metamorph in order for the Ghostbusters to get a clear shot. The trap it but unfortunately trap Drool as well. According the Ghostbusters, there's no way to separate the two once they were trapped together.