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Luis Sera is a character in the video game Resident Evil 4.

Sera is a Spanish investigator, who tries to assist Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong in their efforts against Los Illuminados. He is extremely familiar with the village where the game is set and formerly worked with Osmund Saddler to research and develop the cult's mind-controlling parasites.

After realizing Saddler intends to use the parasites for malicious purposes, he attempts to sabotage the cult's mission. Sera meets Kennedy after both of the men are captured by villagers. He introduces himself as a former policeman from Madrid, who became dissatisfied with his job.

It is later revealed in the game that Sera was one of the top researchers in finding Las Plagas. He considered the resulting outbreak to be his fault and attempted to eliminate it, aiding Leon. He is ultimately killed by Saddler before he can present him with a sample of Las Plagas.