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Lucky Domingo, played by Celeste O'Connor, is a character in the film Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

Lucky is a resident of Summerville, Oklahoma and the daughter of Sheriff Domingo. She works at a fast food restaurant where she is seen by Trevor Spengler after his family first arrives. He gets a job there because he has a crush on her. At first she thinks he's more goofy than anything but eventually warms up to him.

They go along with the other restaurant employees to the mountain where the abandoned mine is located outside of town. They witness a ghost but laugh it off. Later when Gozer is awakened, Lucky joins Trevor, Pheobe, and Podcast to stop it. But when the initial plan failed, Lucky is possessed by Zuul.

After the remaining original Ghostbusters arrive, Gozer is finally defeated and she emerges from the calcified husk of Zuul.