Lt. Col. Glenn Manning

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Lt. Col. Glenn Manning.jpg
Name: Lt. Col. Glenn Manning
Gender: Male
Portrayed By: Glenn Langan
Dean Parkin

Lieutenant Colonel Glenn Manning is a character featured in the film The Amazing Colossal Man and War of the Colossal Beast. In Amazing Colossal Man he was played by Glenn Langan and in War of the Colossal Beast he was played by Dean Parkin.

The Amazing Colossal Man

Manning attended a test explosion of the first atomic plutonium bomb is planned at a military site in Desert Rock, Nevada. When it does not detonate as expected, Manning receives orders to keep his men in the protective trench. Moments later, an unidentified small civilian aircraft crash-lands near the bomb site, and Glenn runs into the detonation area to rescue the pilot. Once in the detonation area, the bomb goes off, and Glenn is caught in the radiation.

After suffering severe burns, Dr. Paul Lindstrom informs his fiance Carol Forrest that he is unlikely to survive the injuries. However, in the morning he had largely healed and was doing much better, much to everyone's surprise. His cells were mutliplying at a rapid rate and also causing him to grow. He grew over ten feet tall in a day. At the point that he grew over twenty feet, he began having headaches and began losing his mind.

Once he reached over sixty feet in height, he made his way to Las Vegas. He wreaks havoc on various casinos, and after a policeman fires at him, he hurls a palm tree at the crowd that has formed. When the police become alarmed by his behavior, they begin firing at him, enraging him. He completely destroys the Pioneer Club's Vegas Vic sign, then heads toward Boulder Dam as military helicopters track his movements.

Linstrom, Carol, and Coulter attempt to intercept Hallock's troops. After landing at the dam, Coulter and Linstrom take the enormous syringe and plunge it into Glenn's ankle. He removes it and spears Coulter with it, killing him. Glenn then picks up Carol and starts across the dam. Using a bullhorn to amplify his message, Linstrom pleads with him to spare her, and although he is disoriented, he complies. Once she is free, Hallock orders his men to open fire, causing Glenn to tumble into the Colorado River to his apparent death.

War of the Colossal Beast

In War of the Colossal Beast, it is reveald that Manning survived the fall. Where the rocket hit him in the face, his skull was exposed. Now unable to speak, he simply roared at people.

Joyce Manning, Glenn's sister, goes to Mexico to look for Glenn and finds that he has, in fact, survived, but was left disfigured and nearly mindless by the trauma of his fall. Manning is eventually captured, drugged by the Army, and transported back to the United States. He is able to escape again and goes on a rampage through Los Angeles and Hollywood. He nearly kills a school bus full of children. Joyce reasons with him, and he slowly is brought back to his senses. Now realizing what he has become and what he has done, Manning commits suicide by electrocuting himself on high-voltage power lines near the Griffith Observatory.

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