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Author Guy N. Smith
Publication date January, 1979
Publication Order
Preceded by
Son of the Werewolf
Followed by
The Origin of the Crabs

A winged nightmare of terror...

Locusts is a novel written by Guy N. Smith and was published in 1979.


It seems the start of a glorius summer as Alan Alton and his family settle into their new home in the Shropshire hills. Then the insects start to appear. First there's one...then hundreds...thousands...millions. A smothering tide of destruction covers the land. As the heat-wave continues mercilessly week after week, the horde of invaders grows - a hideous, red-eyed devastation spreading across town and country. Biting, stripping, devouring and hating. Before this onslaught the human population turns to flight. As panic grows, the death-toll rises and the whole country is plunged into chaos. Britain is being eaten alive. Can nothing stop the locusts?