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Elizabeth "Lizabeth" Mott, played by Nancy McLoughlin, is a character in the film Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives.

Lizabeth and Darren Robinson are co-directors of Camp Forest Green and are heading there to prepare for camp the next morning. As Lizabeth drives along the forest road, Jason Voorhees has inadvertently been resurrected and super-powered by Tommy Jarvis.

Jason steps out into the road and Lizabeth hits the brakes. Darren wants her to intimidate him by driving at him, but when she does, he doesn't budge. He only flattens the tire. Darren grabs a revolver from the glove compartment and further attempts to intimidate Jason. Jason stabs him with a wrought iron fence spike and flings him over his head.

He runs the spike through the windshield, narrowly missing Lizabeth, who manages to exit the car. She falls into a large mud puddle and offers Jason money and credit cards, but he stabs the spike into her face.